Office on Homelessness

Homeless Program Coordinator

Michael Dunthorn
(865) 215-3103

400 Main St., Room 532E
Knoxville, TN 37902

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New Pandemic Homelessness Services Strategies Announced
Oct. 2, 2020 - The City of Knoxville and community service providers are increasing outreach and promoting shelter opportunities for people experiencing homelessness amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These new strategies coincide with cooler weather and increased dangers for those living on the streets. “We are making a coordinated shift in how we assist people who are unsheltered during COVID-19,” said Mike Dunthorn, Homeless Program Coordinator for the City’s Office on Homelessness. “While open-air encampments can offer physical distancing, the health, sanitation and safety concerns are worsening for those living in such encampments – including the onset of colder weather."
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Homeless Services FAQs
Click here to view frequently asked questions and answers about what the City and its partners are doing to address homelessness in Knoxville.
The City of Knoxville’s Office on Homelessness is responsible for coordination of community efforts to implement Knoxville’s Plan to Address Homelessness. This plan is centered on the principle that homelessness is an unacceptable circumstance for anyone in our community, and focuses our community’s aspirations to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness.

The plan sets forth five goals:
1. Provide leadership, collaboration, and civic engagement,
2. Improve the crisis response system,
3. Create and maintain access to a variety of decent, appropriate, affordable permanent housing,
4. Increase economic opportunities, and
5. Improve health and stability.

Building from that, the plan includes a comprehensive set of strategies to pursue those goals for all local populations currently facing homelessness or at risk for homelessness. The full plan is available here [PDF].

To aid in the coordination of the plan’s implementation, the Mayor’s Roundtable on Homelessness meets quarterly. The Roundtable convenes the leadership of government, agencies, ministries, and other community partners to share updates, coordinate efforts, and to hold one another accountable for pursuing the positive outcomes called for in the plan.

The Office on Homelessness also coordinates, on behalf of the Knoxville-Knox County Coalition for the Homeless, an annual process to apply for Continuum of Care (CoC) funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. CoC funding supports homeless-related services as well as transitional and permanent supportive housing.


Please see the links below for information on applying for HUD "Continuum of Care" funding as part of Knoxville-Knox County's Collaborative Application.  Check back here for updates and additional information.

TN 502 2019 Notice of Funding Announcement [PDF]

TN-502 2019 Timeline and deadlines (updated 8/29/19) [PDF]

TN-502 2019 Continuum of Care Project Priority Listing [PDF]

TN-502 2019 Continuum of Care Collaborative Application [PDF]


Knoxville’s Plan to Address Homelessness [PDF]

Current update on plan implementation [PDF]

Knoxville Community Dashboard on Homelessness​ - This “Dashboard Report” is an at-a-glance informational resource on the issue of homelessness and the performance of homeless service providers in Knoxville, Tennessee. Data is collected and compiled by KnoxHMIS at the University of Tennessee. Information is updated on a quarterly basis.

Final Homelessness Report December 2019 [PDF]

Knox HMIS Annual Report, 2018 [PDF]

Homelessness in Knoxville and Knox County, 2017-2018 [PDF]

Homelessness in Knoxville and Knox County, 2015-2016 [PDF]

Homelessness in Knoxville and Knox County, 2013-2014 [PDF]


Knoxville-Knox County Continuum of Care Application, 2017 [PDF]

Knoxville-Knox County Continuum of Care Project Listing, 2017 [PDF]

The University of Tennessee College of Social Work KnoxHMIS 2014 Annual Report [PDF]

Case Management Standards of Care [PDF]


July – September, 2014 [PDF]

October – December, 2014 [PDF]

January - March, 2015 [PDF]

Annual Report, 2014-2015 [PDF]

Knox HMIS Executive Summary, 2014 [PDF]