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Madeline Rogero
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February 8, 2018

What does a year mean at the City of Knoxville?

It means some pretty impressive statistics: Our Police Department responded to more than 200,000 calls for service; our 311 Call Center specialists answered more than 166,000 queries; our Engineering Department oversaw the repaving of more than 50 miles of City streets and the replacement or construction of more than 18,000 linear feet of sidewalk; the Fire Department responded to more than 21,000 calls for emergency service and its Fire Prevention Division performed more than 3,000 property inspections; the Special Events Office coordinated plans for more than 1,500 festivals, races, fundraisers and concerts; and our Public Service Department completed more than 4,000 work orders, ranging from pothole repairs to greenway construction and ditch cleaning.

You can find all of those numbers and many, many more in our 2017 Year in Review, in which City departments, offices and contractors have detailed last year’s accomplishments. As always when I read this report, I am amazed and grateful for the sheer volume of services our employees and contractors provide week in and week out. Our front-line workers are there every day where the rubber literally meets the road, ensuring public safety and enhancing the quality of life for all of us who live, work and play in Knoxville.

Beyond those essential services, our departments logged some major achievements in 2017. Under the supervision of the Office of Redevelopment and the Engineering Department, we finished the reconstruction of the Cumberland Avenue Corridor – on time and under budget. This was the largest City capital project since the construction of the Convention Center, and its redesigned, pedestrian-friendly streetscape is already attracting significant new investment – nearly $200 million in private development between 17th Street and Alcoa Highway since the project began. We also moved forward on several other long-planned infrastructure improvements, including the redesign of the Magnolia Avenue Corridor and streetscapes along North Central Street. You will see real construction begin on both of those corridors this year.

Redevelopment continued in our vibrant downtown and in all directions out from it. The restored Farragut building on Gay Street opened as a new Hyatt Place hotel, bringing life back to a historic building that had sat mostly vacant for decades. Cranes rose over construction sites from Depot Avenue – home of the new Regas Square development – to the South Waterfront, where new apartments are rapidly rising on the site of the old Baptist Hospital.

It was a great year for Knoxville Area Transit, which was recognized as the best smaller-city transportation system in North America by the American Public Transit Association! KAT expanded service on 13 of its busiest routes, while reducing preventable accidents by more than 70 percent.

This was also a year when we made major new investments to address issues of equity and affordability in our city. As Knoxville grows and develops, we have to make sure that everyone shares in the benefits. With housing costs a growing concern here and across the country, we created a new fund in our Community Development Department with an initial investment of $2 million, to incentivize the development of affordable rental properties. We also moved forward with partners in supporting new services for disadvantaged young people, including the Change Center in East Knoxville and the Emerald Youth sports complex in Lonsdale. Our Save Our Sons program coordinated job fairs aimed at young men of color that drew more than 400 attendees.

There is much more in this report. I urge you to dig in and see for yourself. After six years as Mayor, I am happy to say that it remains a great joy and privilege to serve the people of Knoxville alongside such an outstanding team of City employees. Thank you for the opportunity.

Madeline Rogero


311 Call Center
Business Support
Civil Service
Community Development

    • Office on Homelessness
    • Disability Services Office
    • Fair Housing
Community Relations
    • Save Our Sons (SOS) Initiative
    • Police Advisory and Review Committee (PARC)
    • Title VI
Employee Benefits and Risk Management
    Employee Benefits
    • Risk Management

    • Civil Engineering Division
    • Stormwater Engineering Division
    • Traffic Engineering Division
Fleet Services
Information Systems
Knoxville Area Transit (KAT)
Metropolitan Planning Commission
Parks and Recreation
Plans Review and Inspections
Public Assembly Facilities (SMG)
   • Knoxville Convention Center
    • Knoxville Civic Auditorium and Coliseum (KCAC)
    • Chilhowee Park and Exposition Center
Public Service
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    • Horticulture
    • Urban Forestry
    • Facilities Services
    • Service Areas
    • Solid Waste
    • Transfer Station
Special Events
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