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Recycling Cart Makenzie Read 
Public Service Coordinator


*If your brown City of Knoxville recycling cart was not emptied on your regular pickup day then please call 311. Note that Waste Connections has until the end of your pickup day to empty your City of Knoxville recycling cart so please wait until the following day to call 311 and report the miss. Calls made more than 48 hours after your miss may not be processed until your next pickup day. 

There are several recycling options available to City of Knoxville residents.


2018 Curbside Recycling Calendar Available HERE

We are expanding this program! If you do not already have a curbside recycling cart please call 311 or sign up here. ​For more information about this program visit this page. 

*As of January 1st 2017 glass is no longer accepted in curbside single-stream carts.

This change is due to the fact that when glass is co-mingled with other recyclables in the same cart it easily breaks into tiny pieces that contaminate the other recyclables, thus creating a very low quality product for which there is zero market for. This type of end product cannot be recycled. In order to ensure that we maintain a viable curbside recycling program glass had to be removed from single-stream. Glass is recyclable only when brought to a drop-off center and separated by color. We understand the inconvenience of this and we want to encourage residents to continue recycling glass so please do reach out to us for suggestions on where additional glass drop-off centers would be beneficial. Your feedback is appreciated! 


The City has 5 drop-off locations that are open 24-7. These centers are staffed 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. by a Goodwill attendant. We also encourage you to take advantage of Knox County drop-off centers as well as the one on UT campus. For more information about these centers go here

*Please take your glass to these drop-off centers because it is still readily recycled when separated by color. 


Specialty recyclables such as carpet, used motor oil, electronics, and scrap metal, etc. can be taken to this facility.