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Know of a trouble spot where speeding is rampant?
Traffic Speed LightAs part of a City of Knoxville study of citywide speeding problems, we’re asking residents to help identify major corridors with traffic speed concerns. City Engineering is developing strategies to mitigate these issues.

Preliminary traffic data analysis has identified some priority roadways, and these are highlighted in the linked survey. Your responses in this survey will help the City to further develop this list of roadways, to be followed by more detailed vehicle speed and volume studies and, ultimately, recommendations to help control excessive vehicle speeds. Responses can be made about any roadway in the City, not just the highlighted corridors.

The survey takes 5 minutes and asks questions about safety and speeding concerns, priority streets, and traffic-calming strategies. The survey will be available through January 23, 2022. Help us make the city safer!

Click here for more detailsClick here for more details
SURVEY TIPS: Click on markers (Bike/Ped Concern, Safety Concern, Speed Concern, etc.)
and drag them onto the map to give your input and specifics.

Jeffery W. Branham, P.E.
Chief Traffic Engineer

Fax: 865-215-6109 

Public Works Service Center
3131 Morris Ave.
Knoxville TN 37909

The Traffic Engineering Division is involved in transportation issues on all roadways and streets in the City of Knoxville, excluding the interstate highways, which are controlled by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

The Traffic Engineering Division has three groups: Traffic Signals, the Sign and Marking Shop, and Traffic Operations.

Traffic Signal Traffic Sign Traffic Counter


The Traffic Signals Group is responsible for the maintenance, timing and coordination of all existing traffic signals. 

Contact the Signal Shop at 865-215-6730.

To report a Streetlight Outage, please call 311 (865-215-4311) or fill out the Streetlight Outage Form.


The Traffic Sign and Marking Shop is responsible for the production, installation, and maintenance of all existing traffic control signs, markings, and parking meters. 

Contact the Sign Shop at 865-215-6720.


Traffic Operations conducts routine traffic counts and other studies, keeps crash data on Knoxville's roadways, and takes traffic-related requests such as for new traffic signs, markings, and signals. 

Contact the Traffic Operations office at 865-215-6100. 

The current traffic count data can be seen online at the Knoxville Regional TPO website.