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Budget Retreat 2016City Holds Annual Budget Retreat Feb. 5, 2016

At today’s annual budget retreat at the Knoxville Convention Center, Mayor Madeline Rogero and her staff presented updates to City Council, including a review of the mid-year budget and status reports on major City initiatives.

Finance Director Jim York reported that the City’s revenue forecast is generally positive. Local option sales tax receipts and state shared sales tax revenues are healthy and expected to exceed the budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year, which ends June 30. But the growth has been smaller for real property and personal property assessed values. Business tax collections have been relatively static.

Mayor Rogero and Deputies to the Mayor Christi Branscom and Bill Lyons provided departmental highlights from the past calendar year, and the Council and Administration discussed a number of City initiatives and capital projects during today’s retreat.


2016-2017 Budget Info
Six Month Financial Report [PDF]
Budget Retreat Presentation - Financial Update [PDF]
Budget Retreat Presentation - Projects Update [PDF]
Budget Archive (Budgets from years 2001-current)


February 5, 2016 City of Knoxville Budget Retreat and Six Month Financial Report released
February - April, 2016 – Departments Submit Budget Requests, Base Numbers Calculated, and Capital Budget Prepared
March 21 - March 23, 2016Mayor’s Budget Hearings
April 27, 2016 Mayor’s State of the City Address
May 10, 2016 First Reading of Budget and Tax Ordinances
May 12, 2016MPC Hearing on Capital Improvement Program
May 17, 2016Council Budget Hearings & Public Hearing
May 24, 2016Second Reading of Budget and Tax Ordinances