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Winter Work: How Public Service Workers Keep Downtown Looking Pristine 
Our Winter Work blog series has caught up with City employees to find out how they help make the holidays happen downtown. We reached out to Public Service's Mark Karns to find out how they keep downtown and Krutch Park looking so good during the holidays and year-round!

Mark Karns

Position: Maintenance Coordinator  
With the City since: 2006

The number of downtown visitors increases during the holidays due to the Market Square ice rink and seasonal events, but the City streets and parks are always in top shape for residents and visitors. 

We have Mark Karns and his crew to thank for keeping downtown looking great - they pick up litter, blow leaves, empty trash cans, and prep sites for special events.

“People don’t know how much our guys do, and it can often be a thankless job,” Karns said. “We can fish leaves out of the pond in Krutch Park, blow them out of Market Square, have everything in pristine condition, and a windy night can make it look like we were never there.”

Their work is required in all weather conditions and at any time or day - including Christmas morning.

The crews take immense pride – and ownership – in keeping downtown looking pristine. Their efforts do not go unnoticed.

“One thing we have going for us is that when you’re downtown, you interact with people, and many let us know that they appreciate what we do,” Karns said.  

During recent years, residents of the Holston Building have given them hand warmers when the temperature drops. Talk about getting into the holiday spirit!

Thanks to the Public Service team for keeping downtown Knoxville looking great.
Posted by On 28 December, 2018 at 8:45 AM