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Winter Work: How KPD Officers Help to Keep Things Merry and Bright 
In our "Winter Work" blog series, we've been catching up with Public Works and Public Safety staff to learn about how they support City holiday events and traditions in all weather conditions.

At every special event, there are public safety officials working behind the scenes, ensuring that all stays merry and bright. We caught up with Lt. Sammy Shaffer to learn more about how our officers cope with serving outdoors through the winter.

Lt. Sammy Shaffer


Position: KPD Special Events Coordinator
With the City since: 1994

Lt. Sammy Shaffer helps coordinate downtown special events for the Knoxville Police Department. KPD probably has the most visible presence during the parades and festivals, as officers help with road closures and ensure bystanders are in safe viewing areas along curbs.

Depending on the weather, the hours outdoors and in the dark can be bone-chilling.

“There are a lot of officers that you see, but also some you don’t,” Lt. Shaffer said.

In colder weather, you are likely to see officers sporting toboggans or some form of thermal underclothing.
“We can prepare for cold temperatures to an extent, but we always have to be conscious of the fact that we need the dexterity to execute every aspect of our job at any given moment, so to do that, we can’t really bundle up as much as civilians,” Shaffer said.

On the coldest days, KPD officers simply make an effort to grin and bear it, he added.

“Giving the public a sense of safety is as important as ensuring safety, so we try to hide the grimacing in the weather,” Shaffer said. “We’ve got a job to do and the mission comes first.”

Thanks to all of our officers for working to keep us safe in all conditions year-round!
Posted by On 28 December, 2018 at 8:36 AM