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  • Gatlinburg - View from Park Vista
  • Great Smoky Mtns. National Park - View from Look Rock
  • Great Smoky Mtns. National Park - View from Purchase Knob
  • Market Square Web Cam
  • Maryville - View from Blount Memorial
  • Construction Cameras:

  • Henley Street Bridge Construction Cameras
  • UT Medical Center Heart Hospital Construction WebCAM
  • Knoxville Traffic Cams - Knoxville Traffic Cameras below provided by TDOT SmartWay

    Alcoa Hwy @ Cherokee Tr.
    Alcoa Hwy @ Cherokee Tr. (South of)
    Alcoa Hwy @ Cumberland Ave
    Alcoa Hwy @ Cumberland Ave. (South of)
    Alcoa Hwy @ I-40 (South of)


    I-140 @ Dutchtown Rd
    I-140 @ I-40/75
    I-140 @ I-40/75 (North of)
    I-140 @ Kingston Pk
    I-140 @ Kingston Pk (South of)
    I-140 @ Lovell Rd
    I-140 @ Westland Dr


    I-275 @ Baxter Ave.
    I-275 @ Heiskell Ave.
    I-275 @ Woodland Ave.
    I-275 @ Woodland Ave. (North of)


    I-40 @ 17th St.
    I-40 @ Alcoa Hwy
    I-40 @ Asheville Hwy
    I-40 @ Asheville Hwy (East of)
    I-40 @ Asheville Hwy (West of)
    I-40 @ Cherry St.
    I-40 @ Cherry St (East of)
    I-40 @ Holston River Bridge (East of)
    I-40 @ I-275
    I-40 @ I-640 (E. Termini)
    I-40 @ Middlebrook Pk.
    I-40 @ Rutledge Pk
    I-40 @ Rutledge Pk (West of)
    I-40 @ Strawplains Pk (West of)
    I-40 @ Western Ave.

    I-40 / I-75

    I-40/75 @ Cedar Bluff Rd (West of)
    I-40/75 @ Cedar Bluff Rd
    I-40/75 @ Bridgewater Rd
    I-40/75 @ Gallaher View Rd
    I-40/75 @ I-75/640 (East of)
    I-40/75 @ I-75/640 (West of)
    I-40/75 @ Lovell Rd
    I-40/75 @ Lovell Rd (West of)
    I-40/75 @ Papermill Rd
    I-40/75 @ Papermill Rd (East of)
    I-40/75 @ Parkside Dr.
    I-40/75 @ Park West
    I-40/75 @ Pellissippi Pkwy (East of)
    I-40/75 @ Pellissippi Pkwy (West of)
    I-40/75 @ Walker Springs Rd
    I-40/75 @ Weisgarber Rd
    I-40/75 @ West Hills
    I-40/75 @ West Hills (East of)


    I-640 @ Broadway
    I-640 @ Broadway EB (East of)
    I-640 @ Broadway WB (East of)
    I-640 @ Bruhin Rd.
    I-640 @ Dutch Valley Rd.
    I-640 @ I-40 (North of)
    I-640 @ I-75/275 (East of)
    I-640 @ Millertown Pk.
    I-640 @ Millertown Pk. (West of)
    I-640 @ The Hague
    I-640 @ Washington Pk.
    I-640 @ Washington Pk EB (West of)
    I-640 @ Washington Pk WB (West of)


    I-75 @ Callahan Rd. (South of)
    I-75 @ I-640 (North of)
    I-75 @ Merchant Dr.
    I-75 @ Merchant Dr. (North of)

    I-75 / I-640

    I-75/640 @ Clinton Hwy.
    I-75/640 @ I-275
    I-75/640 @ I-275 (West of)
    I-75/640 @ I-40/75 (North of)
    I-75/640 @ Western Ave.
    I-75/640 @ Western Ave. (North of)
    I-75/640 @ Western Ave. (South of)
    I-75/640 @ Wilson Rd.

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